Stupendous. Monumental. A work of epic proportions! This is truly a 'must have' for all who are interested in bananas! A shot in the arm for Polynesian culture. A book for all Hawaiians to be proud of. An inspiration to all scientists to think holistically. The fabulous photos and wonderful stories impart the breath of life. Jeffrey Daniells, Agri-Science, Australia

The authors may well be the only scientists in history to publish such a multifaceted book on a single crop ... (a) tour de force of immensely ramified scientific documentation in a fluent style ... delicious tales, true-to-life from ancient times, propel the reader onwards ... proving the banana's immense but previously unrecognized value in ancient Hawai‘i ... a broad vision of cultural history and peoples of Oceania. Edmond De Langhe, Founder, International Network for the improvement of Banana & Plantain (INIBAP), France


In this richly illustrated paean to bananas, variation in form is the recurring theme in a prose symphony with biological and cultural melodies. I can't remember ever having seen such a wealth of scientific information presented in prose accessible to everyone. The photos complement the text in spectacular fashion. Throughout, the authors reveal their delight in discovery of the natural world. Dr. Richard Manshardt, CTAHR, University of Hawai‘i.   

Only when an enduring love of bananas conjoined with deep knowledge and hard work could such a masterpiece be created. Thoroughly researched, exquisitely illustrated, packed with obscure facts and written in an easy-to-read conversational tone, this extraordinary book is the definitive resource on Musa spp. in Hawai‘i and the Pacific ... extensive experience with banana cultivation make The World of Bananas a true gem, biblical in its importance and permanence. Dr. Scot C. Nelson, CTAHR, University of Hawai‘i

Just spectacular! It is a gift to us and to future generations of Hawaiian and Pacific people, to be treasured for the next 100 years. Lisa Raymond, Founding Executive Director, Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

An outstanding scientific contribution. This amazing piece of work is also an incredible piece of art. Dr. Vincent Lebot, CIRAD, Vanuatu.


An awe-inspiring, comprehensive, labor of love. A masterpiece for the ages. Dr. Kamaui Aiona, NTBG, Hāna, Maui


Remarkable for its scope, indispensible for its level of detail and irresistible for its seamless weave of science, culture and natural history, this book beautifully blends practical facts with folk wisdom using rich illustrations, photos, diagrams and text ... (it) will surely prove to be "The Banana Bible" not only across the Pacific, but around the world. Jon Letman, Environmental Journalist, Kaua`i.